Alex Johnstone MSP visits Little Ninja’s in Arbroath

North East MSP Alex Johnstone dropped into the Best Defence martial arts studio in Arbroath on Monday evening to see the Little Ninjas class being put through their paces as part of their grading and to present the students with their certificates.


Speaking after the awards, Mr Johnstone said “I was delighted to be attend the grading and meet the Little Ninjas. I am extremely impressed with the life skills and discipline that are taught as part of the programme, and I know that the skills these children learn during these sessions will benefit them for many years to come.  I would congratulate all the Little Ninjas for working so hard to get their new grades.”


Instructor Mark Davies explained “In each class we emphasise one of the ‘8 Little Ninjas Skills’, Discipline, Control, Focus, Balance, Co-ordination, Teamwork, Fitness & Memory.”


Our Ninjas work on one ‘Ninja Skill’ per week over an eight week period, they then spend a few weeks working on ‘Safety Skills’ such as Anti Bullying, Fire Safety and Water Safety. Once the Ninja has completed their Ninja & Safety Skills they are allowed to sit their belt grading.”


“All of the students worked very hard to learn their Ninja Skills and their certificates and belts were all well deserved.”