A message from RUTH DAVIDSON MSP.

A message from RUTH DAVIDSON MSP.


Next year’s elections to the Scottish Parliament are the most important since the advent of devolution. Whoever triumphs next May will have more control over tax and spend than any Holyrood administration in history.


Not only will it determine how our schools are run and our hospitals managed, but it will decide how the police force is structured and local authorities funded.  Add this to the new powers on their way – over income tax, welfare and borrowing – and there can be no doubt about it, these elections truly matter to you and your family.


That’s why I am determined to take the fight to the SNP and put forward the Scottish Conservatives’ vision of free enterprise, strengthened local communities and equality of opportunity.

With Labour collapsing inwards and the Liberal Democrats a spent force, time and time again it is our party which is holding the SNP to account and showing Scotland that there is, in fact, another way.


We head into 2016 with a new generation of Scottish Conservative candidates who look and sound much closer to the Scotland they seek to serve. From business, the professions, academia, the public and charitable sector – we have people of all walks of life able to bring a broad range of experience to Holyrood.


I am proud of this team and with them at my side I believe we can return more Conservative MSPs right across Scotland, especially here in the North East.  But to achieve this, we need your help.


I know many of you will have worked hard over the last two years to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom and David Cameron in Downing Street. And just look at what’s been achieved: a decisive No vote and the first majority Conservative government in over two decades.  Let’s not stop there. Let’s get out, spread our message, speak our truth and make 2016 a successful year for the Scottish Conservatives.


Season’s greetings to you and yours,


Ruth Davidson