Winter Newsletter

Derek Wann – Candidate     For     ANGUS SOUTH

WHILE the SNP administration holds the balance of power, we are in real danger of seeing the complete disintegration of our public services. We have to stop the rot and prevent this being the ‘real’ legacy of the Nationalists.

Over the past nine years, we have looked on in horror as Scotland’s health services have been driven to breaking point. Police Scotland lurches from one crisis to the next, patients are denied access to lifesaving cancer treatments, while literacy and numeracy rates among our children plummet.

This is the result of electing a single-issue party to Government. The only thing they really care about is breaking up the UK.

I believe it is time for a change. The Conservative Government has been forced to make some really tough decisions on behalf of the UK. It’s still not perfect but at least we can see the green shoots of recovery, new jobs and wealth creation. Small and medium businesses are beginning to grow again and the banks are finally lending.

Scotland has surely benefited from the work of the UK Government, but the complete and utter incompetence of the SNP at Holyrood is causing damage to public services on an industrial scale.

The contempt THEY show for Scotland now, is rooted in a bitterness about the outcome of the referendum. And it’s ordinary, hard-working families who are paying the price as the First Minister and her band of fanatics brood and neglect in equal measure.

Of course, it’s her obsession with the constitutional question which means the SNP can never really govern effectively. Every policy or decision is viewed through the cracked lens of independence and how that is eventually achieved.

In short, when it comes to the nitty gritty of running a country like Scotland, she has done nothing that matters.

Labour’s Kezia Dugdale isn’t sure what she stands for. She’s already unravelled on the question of independence saying she would allow Labour MSPs to campaign with the Nats if there is another referendum.

Sometimes she attempts to pass herself off as the voice of moderation then, as quick as flash, reverts to leftist policies like her plans last week to create a 50p tax band for the highest earners to fund a variety of educational programmes. Not only that, she will raise taxes on the middle classes too.

Same old Labour. Kezia Dugdale felt it was important to move to the left of the SNP in a desperate attempt to con former supporters lost to the Nats. But they won’t return. In fact, the continue to walk away. Since the last election, almost 80,000 have come to the Scottish Conservatives safe in the knowledge that we are now the only credible political force standing in the way of Nicola Sturgeon and her plans break up the United Kingdom while subjecting working families to higher taxes.

The Tory revival is well under way – but it hasn’t happened by accident.

We have rebuilt the party in Scotland under the formidable leadership of Ruth Davidson.

A leader of spirit, of principle and someone who knows what it means to fight for what she believes.

So, a change is coming and over the next six months we need to spread the word, all the while hammering home to people the truth: The SNP is failing on health, education and law and order. Six thousand children leaving primary school unable to read and write. The worst GPs crisis ever, with vacancies going unfilled for more than a year in some surgeries. And law and order… cuts to crucial services like forensics for the most serious crimes and prosecution lawyers quitting in their droves as they are deprived of the tools they need to do their job.

The political pendulum is beginning to swing away from the SNP and because of their failure to deliver anything resembling success, the voters of Scotland will never trust them again.
Nicola Sturgeon has to be stopped and we need candidates who can deliver that message to voters… But these constituencies will be won on the streets by Tory foot soldiers up and down the country. The campaign teams which are made up of people like YOU. Together we can take our country back from those who would destroy it.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.