Help us win in Angus

Help us beat the SNP in Angus, and elect our new candidate: Stephen Kerr for Angus and Perthshire Glens. 

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At the next election, the boundaries will change so the current constituency of Angus is split between two new constituencies. Forfar, Montrose, Kirriemuir, Brechin, as far south as Liff, Birkhill and Tealing and the rest of North Angus will go to Angus and Perthshire Glens. This will be an incredibly marginal Conservative-SNP seat. The area between Arbroath and Broughty Ferry goes into a seat by that very name. That includes Monifieth and Carnoustie. 

Can you help us win? We must elect solid Scottish Conservative and Unionists and prevent Nationalists winning again.

Here's how you can chip in:

We will have leaflet deliveries to make right across the constituency, for local councillors and our Westminster candidates. You could join a leafletting session, or take a bundle to do in your own time. A bundle contains only around 150 leaflets and comes with a map so you can easily find your way through the route.

We have canvassing teams out most weeks, usually on a Saturday morning or weekday afternoon. We knock on doors and ask locals for their views, or ask them to fill out surveys for us to collect later.
If it's your first time canvassing, we'll pair you up with a more experienced canvasser until you're comfortable.

Canvassing is crucial in obtaining voting intentions, allowing us to be effectively target our campaigning efforts as we get closer to the election.

We call residents to ask the same questions as we do canvassing. This is usually on weekday evenings. 

Again, training and guidance will be given. Phoning is a great way that members can get involved, especially if unable to travel to a canvassing location or would prefer to contribute to the campaign from their own home. 


We will sometimes have letters to stuff, or handwrite. This task comes up less often now as we have new machines for folding, but if you would like to chip in while feeling unable to commit to any of the other activities, it would be good to have you on board.

Help us beat the SNP in Angus

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