Stephen Kerr Survey

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Stephen Kerr Monifeith Survey

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Do you think the Scottish Government has focused enough on flooding locally?
Are you happy with your choice of local shops, community-based public services (such as health centres, police, schools, early years nurseries, etc.) and other community facilities?
How good would you say that mobile phone coverage and broadband connectivity is?
Do you believe that Scots are getting value for money by paying higher taxes than the rest of the United Kingdom?
Are you favour of supporting ongoing North Sea production of oil and gas in preference to imported oil and gas?
Do you feel the Scottish Government is doing a good job running Scotland’s NHS?
Do you consider the Scottish justice system is delivering fair outcomes for the victims of crime?
Humza Yousaf has said he wants to hold another referendum on Scottish independence. What’s your view?
Thinking ahead, how are you most likely to vote at the next General Election?
In a close race between the Scottish Conservatives and SNP, which would you prefer?
OPTIONAL: Here are a few ways you can help Stephen campaign locally. Are there any you are able to help us with?